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:iconblanksquareplz::iconblanksquareplz:we'll miss you, andy by VinDeamer
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You're working on a series of arts. You're very near the end but you are just REALLY not enjoying drawing them anymore. What do you do? 

14 deviants said FINISH IT. For the people who HAVE been enjoying them and are waiting to see the end!
12 deviants said FINISH IT. FOR YOURSELF. To.... prove something???
12 deviants said DROP IT. FOR YOURSELF. Personal art should be an escape, not a chore.
No deviants said DROP IT. FOR THEM. Just to SPITE EVERYONE.
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Hm, time for a journal update, wot?

Hey guys, in case you haven't heard, my brother and I recently entered something called the Hobbit Fan Challenge, where you pick one of three scenes and recreate it. The winner and a friend get to go to New Zealand! :dummy: That's pretty neat.

There's a whole slew of voting processes, and the first round is a fan-vote. If you would like to help my brother and me try to make it through, please consider visiting the Hobbit Fan Challenge website, and following these short and simple instructions my bro put together along with his striking rendition of Nori the Dwarf :XD:, and giving us a vote once a day from February 9th through February 13th! :la:

EDIT ~ Voting round is now over. Thank you for your support!

And yah, yah, I've never made it a secret that yes, I'm just trying to get attention and votes for my bro and me. But please know I also respect your autonomy, for if you'd like to peruse the other 100+ videos and see all what's there. But again, for any of you lovely people out there that would like to help and send votes our way, follow that link and use those instructions and I guarantee you'll be in and out in under sixty seconds. :) Unless your internet is slow or your computer is sluggish. :saddummy: In which case, augh, dude, all of my commiserations. I know that feel, bro.

Meanwhile, I'm off to make more Hobbit Valentines; been plugging pretty hard with those. (Hey, I am nothing if not honest!) Hope you're all enjoying them regardless. :) As of this writing, the most recent one was Ori, but.... I think my favorite is still Dwalin. :XD:


Loves to you all, and thank you so much for your support!! :hug: :happycry: :heart:

:heart: ~ Connie


United States


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Have a lovely day Bud! La la la la Dance!
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I remember walking along the beach

as cool sands filtered through my toes.

Seagulls cheering a new born day

as the foam of the waves ebbed to and fro.

I remember being massaged peacefully, but yet overwhelmed

by the strength of the waters roll from another distant shore.

As the sun grew stronger its hues changed in the kaleidoscope of its nature

my soul felt lifted as to soar into the total admiration of this day.

I remember the feeling of being one, not being detached 

as being surrounded in a compassionate embrace.

then 'mazed over the vast canopy of the sky touching all horizons

as I yelled in loudest exclamation of how small I really was; . . .

And then I realized that I was still enveloped in the nurture of this day

as I sat on the damp sands to think, ...                                   

             to reflect within myself, ...

                                                                  for a pause to pray 

“Greater are all things then that of what I know that I seek to always know more

As a vessel of the spirit of all there is, I shall never be filled.

So let me embrace the embracer this day and everyday,

As part of the whole as a child is to a parent

let me be guided with all there is to be known with open mind and clarity

and always to give thanks.”

....I remember the calm that came over me and the smile that made me feel complete.

Thanks for this day and everyday and all that share it with me!

  As  from distant shore;  we "all" wonder if somewhere there is someone else there what we wish or want for;   hold and wait, and in the the moment something or someone may enter your life for you to love or to know to add to your world!!!  [I got that from a fortune cookie!!]

        I have the mind to say I love everyone every day!  Of what to say as  for the beginning of this year, until Valentines day of this year, to the last day of any year:  Why is there;  it just one day to say I Love??!! OH to love,  to be, if it was not for love, nothing would not be anything for anyone to see!!!  Everyday is the challenge to love oneself to create of how beautiful one can be for being able to create with love!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Valentines, with all my love embrace!!!

Contraltissimo Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015
Thanks kindly, friend; Happy Valentines day to you too! :)
tehstrelok Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015
yo, episode 2 of ireth and vespera is now in the making, check part 1 here!…
Bauvy Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015  Professional General Artist
I clicked on 'Radom Devian' and came to your page.
Contraltissimo Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015
Oh my! :noes: Deepest commiserations, good sir, hope it wasn't too rough. Do pardon the raging nerditude around here. :heart:
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