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October 14, 2010
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DA HTTYD DVD Countdown - 1 by Contraltissimo DA HTTYD DVD Countdown - 1 by Contraltissimo
Hahahahaha I finished this at like twelve-oh-one. :crazy:



Take it from Snotlout - There's nothin' wrong with a dragonesque figure.

And now for the long-awaited number one on Contraltissimo's DeviantArt How To Train Your Dragon DVD Countdown List of Raw Viking Epicness....

The Fury-Clad Astrid

And another big thank you is due here to :iconluve: for so graciously allowing me the use of this particular character-design.

We all saw the movie. We all loved the movie. And then.... we all got out our little pencils or tablets and started drawing stuff from the movie.

Some of us became quite good at replicating our favorite screenshots. Some of us explored might-have-been scenes and in-betweeners never shown in the story. Some of us even took our heroes from Berk to all new settings and all new environments, striking all new poses no one had posed before. There's been drama and action, tragedy and comedy, heartwarming tenderness, and the occasional derpy face. Ah, what heights our collective imaginations have taken us to....

And then came ~luve.... and her so-called.... "doodles".

There is not much I can say about the Fury-Clad Astrid that it does not already say for itself. With a design so striking, it's no wonder it took DeviantArt by storm, mesmerizing all who chanced upon it. Some fell in love. Some were deeply saddened. Some were downright terrified! But none could ignore the strange and tempestuous What-If World built around this alarmingly, boldly alternate-universe Viking.

Some of us enjoy taking our imaginations for quaint little strolls through the safe, sun-dappled, leaf-strewn parks of Berk. But the next time you go out for one of these walks, if you look up, you may just see ~luve.... taking her imagination.... for a skydive.

Thank goodness for doodles.

And the DVD comes out in

1 DAY...

See you on the flipside, everyone! :wave:

Do the countdown again!
Go to the flipside!

Yay Contraltissimo is NEVER DOING SO MANY ARTS AT ONE TIME EVER AGAIN!!!! :w00t:

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joshuarmour15 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
And now Astrid tears off his head.
Contraltissimo Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
BLUEvsFIN Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I favorited the picture of astrid wearing that.... O_O
Contraltissimo Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
Haha, I love that one! :eager:
BLUEvsFIN Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yea me too :)
halflife103 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
Yeah, this time she has an AXE and NOT a fist!.
Contraltissimo Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
*lol* Indeed! Watch out, Snotlout.... XD XD
Jebus-Kreist Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011
and the number one problem with this picture? the huge ass double sided pole-axe Astrid doesn't have! and about the Astrid skinning toothless cause he "stole hiccup" no, she is trying to steal him, toothless had him first. plus i don't think astrid+hiccup would work out seeing how disfunctional it already is
Contraltissimo Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011
*lol* Duly noted, friend! :laughing: It's all cool. I like to think maybe something happened to her other axe before she acquired/made/had Hiccup make this one. As for who skinned the Night Fury and why Astrid's wearing it, that could be anybody's guess. :shrug: I've got my own theories, but I suppose one would ultimately have to ask ~luve; she's the one who designed this particular version. Her "butchered" version, she calls it, oh dear.... :XD:

And you remind me of a good journal post! Oh my, good read with good points.... because everybody seems to want to pair Hiccup and Astrid as some kind of automatic item. It's like Dude! Calm down! It wasn't really that romantic of a relationship! :laughing: Check out this journal; so many good points. :nod: [link]
Jebus-Kreist Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2011
Read it, posted a comment there, to stop the hastle of going there and reading it because its rather large for a comment, I will give the main point here:
It's a Dreamworks animated movie, they were set up in the first movie so in the TV series and Sequel, They will be together, whether its right away or over time, they will bond to a point where they are unbreakable and many things will try and cut them apart(i personally hope it succeeds) but it will hold together through all of it, because its what a Majority of the HTTYD fans want, the Majority will get what they want because Dreamworks doesn't movies like that. They questionably throw and idea out there, and if the fans love it, they OVERDO IT in the sequel, just like the shrek movies. Anyways he did make some good points in his post about HTTYD the movie, but what he left out was "The Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon", there is absolutely no bonding what so ever between the 2 in the little add-on, the only thing she does do with him in the movie is be there beside him in 3 scenes(which just isn't enough to assume anything), then when she wants him to "convince gobber" of something(i'm not going to ruin the little add-on if you haven't seen it already) she pushes him towards Gobber like hes in her way and they don't bond at all, she has 1 line in the movie like 5 seconds into the mini-movie and no other lines by herself. Plus she has never said at all she loves Hiccup, the kiss at the end of the movie, well knowing that he saved the town and that he likes her that could have been a reward for saving the town and not much else. Speaking my mind with all its inglorious truth that 90% of people browsing HTTYD onDeviant Art will hate.
Dunno if this will work but to see it properly you will need to have google chrome with the Troll emoticons plug-in.

Thanks for the"what I think is compliments"
and well...damn that post just made me point out everything that he didn't cover.
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