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July 12, 2010
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Walking Back Home by Contraltissimo Walking Back Home by Contraltissimo
I drew this because :iconandy-meatball: makes me squee. :D

This is a scene from her wonderful and adorable fanfiction, Hunting For Trolls.

First chapter: [link]
Chapter this pic is from (fourth): [link]

Read it. It's short and sweet, and you too will squee. :love:

[EDIT] - Sadly, Hunting For Trolls is no longer available at this time----apologies, friends. :( - [END EDIT]

My gosh, I think I got a little carried away.... I haven't had a Photoshop to play with in well over a decade....


Man, I can't believe I did a computer color-job.... This is my first one!

Andy! Thanks for writing such cute stories! You've broken my anti-computer-art curse! :hug:

*EDIT* -- *lol* I just realized I think I messed up Hiccup's boot colors. ^^; Ah well. Maybe I'll fix it later. Maybe I won't. :)

Colored wif a mouse. :B

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AngelofDarkness626 Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
It's really beautiful.
But I can't find the FF story you where talking about.

What is this kindness you speak of?
Ah, yes, I need to update that.... :( !andy-meatball, who wrote the story, left DeviantArt some time ago. :no:

Glad you like the picture, though. :)
Frostdragon91 Jul 15, 2011
This picture is so drop dead precious!! Unfortunately, I wish I could've read the story behind it. Anyways, is that Hiccup's daughter? She looks adorable. =)
Awww, thanks! :aww:

Yeah, unfortunately the dear friend of mine who wrote the story is.... no longer here, so.... :(

The little girl is actually Astrid's cousin. :D She and Hiccup went out hunting for trolls, but.... she got herself a little too tuckered out. :blushes:
Daaawwwwww! :) This looks absolutely adorable but I don't know whats going on :P and i want to read this story now, but the it said the file was gone or something :( dangit...
Aoh yes.... :( Gyah, maybe I should fix that link; I guess it hasn't worked since !andy-meatball left. :cries:

But I'll just say Hiccup and Freckle (Astrid's little cousin) were out and about hunting for trolls.... and Freckle got pretty tuckered out, as she's something of a sickly little girl (she didn't tell Hiccup about this straight away; she didn't want him to know....). So Hiccup had to carry her back home before she got any worse. _

Glad you like the picture! :)
oh well, it's ok if you can't get it, but that does sound like a really cute story, so thanks for the summary anyways :) and it seriously reminds me of my little cousin. It even looked like her too in the picture...creepy, lol =P
Silent-tears483 Mar 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the story isn't up anymore :B
but I love your drawing x]
Ah, oh yeah.... Andy deactivated her account. :sniff: Hm, I'd better edit those comments....

Glad you like the picture though! :happycry:
Silent-tears483 Mar 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sad sad sad... but - oh well... we have at least a little remaining :]
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