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January 1


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A Legend For All Time

Wed Jan 1, 2014, 6:00 AM

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Triforce by MrDeal

Little Hylian Princess by Sarky-Sparky          Ganondorf by warningyou          Calendar Contest 2012 - Prologue by StardustFawkes

Young princess Zelda by ReevolveR          Doomed by Destiny by Ponthion          young saria and link by ZaloHero

:thumb266033769:          Ganondorf by EternaLegend          child link by muse-kr

The Legend of Zelda by Litzman

Le Duel Kokiri by jessiejazz Kokiri Forest 1 by TheHauntedBoy The Romp by SuzetteRGreinwich
One day on the Kokiri Village by fernandocarvalho
-Friendship- by Annausagi
OoT Anni 12 - Young Link by Kishmet 1000 Words by scowlingelf
Beginning by ZaloHero
Day 14 - Link vs. Mido by CelticMagician
Poor Link by Unttin7 You Can Share My Fairy by aquanut
The Boy without a Fairy by Contraltissimo

Impa and Zelda by kokiri85

Nightmare of the Near Future by corfidbizna

Kokiri Forest's Doom by EternaLegend

Navi by Philipshield

OoT 002 by JohnnyCago
young link dreaming by ZaloHero
The Boy Without A Fairy by PK-Noes I'm Navi by AngelofHapiness His own fairy by BlueLink
All the Trees by dessertsoul1217
OoT3D Countdown: 10 by wings33 OoT 003 by JohnnyCago Thou Art Courageous... by treijim
Oot 004 by JohnnyCago

Deku Tree - The legend of zelda, Ocarina of time by GiovannyArce

Inside the Great Deku Tree by Art-minion Test Thy Courage by aquanut

Courage by krysdecker

Ghoma's Defeat by SuperPhazed
In The Great Deku Tree's Memories by studio-adhd

Kokiri Emerald by NatiHassansin

LoZ: One Last Song by finni

Skull Kid by ValaSedai

No words by kango67

Leaving the Forest by kGoggles
Calendar Contest 2012 - The Beginning by StardustFawkes
OoT: Saying farewell. by GoddessHylia

Kaepora Gaebora by MatsuH

Hyrule Field by AIBryce

Hyrule Market maybe final ver by DSenderM
MM Anniv. 20 - For you... by Kishmet :thumb328258912: Link and Malon by Nenie
Hyrule Castle (Novelization Ch. 17) by Adiraiju
Quiet Navi!! by Leo Diamond by LeoDiamond
In The Courtyard. . . by BelovedRain zelda's garden by jadecc :Young Princess: by Lil-Kute-Dream
Introduction by Kikoli

Something is on my face by AngelofHapiness

Ganondorf 2 by Rowena-White
The Very Beginning by missgizmo
The Sacred Realm by super-fergus
Triforce by TheGeminiSage
The king is back by Skitamine

CH1 &quot;The Dream&quot; by TheGeminiSage

Young Princess Zelda by Scarlet-Asura-Fox


Impa, Sage of Shadow by VanEvil

I tried - Kakariko Village by Kairi-Chu
Summerdays by Tono-chan :bigthumb212475486: Guru-Guru by JohnnyCago
Eldritch Spirits by ValaSedai The Composer Brothers by ValaSedai My boys.... my boys.... by Contraltissimo
Redead Speedpaint by Danilee3240

Approaching Death Mountain by Desiree-M

Goron Mob by JohnnyCago Goron Sketch by Bradshavius

Darunia by d-torres

Goron Celebrations coloured by moehawk37

Bomb the Beamos by YamiRedPen Lizalfos by Han-Wik

Infernal Dinosaur: King Dodongo by SulaMoon

Goron King Darunia by Goron-King-Darunia

Goron Ruby by VivArts

I now call you Brother by Ry-Spirit

Great Fairy 06252012 by BLUEamnesiac

OoT3D Countdown: 8 by wings33

Hyrule by treijim
Welcome to my farm. by kiyoichi
05 by AllistorVera-Searle Link meets Malon and Epona by Sarah888 Lon Lon Festival by methuselah-alchemist
Link and Epona by PuddingPlushiePalace

Mailman - Zelda: OoT by GoKammy

Lake Hylia by SmashToons
:Concert for Frogs: by starrelly-chan Sleeping on the Job by crystalelements The Lakeside Scientist by GronHatchat

Zora by Artigas Zora by JohnnyCago

King Zora by JusticeVonBrandt
Jabu Jabu by JohnnyCago
No Thanks by HipsterDarkLink

Trapped by AngelofHapiness Let's Pretend by swabloo Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly by Mispeled
Hard times by limari

Barinade! by JasperSandner

Ruto ASSULT by Bradshavius

365 Day 172 Zora's Sapphire by Korikian

Picnic With Jabu-Jabu by WhiteFoxCub

Fly by Dark-wings-eagle

The Time has Come by The-Silver-Flame
Betrayal by WhiteFoxCub Din's Fire by hyamara Ganondorf ContestEntry Nite 08 by cloud-dark1470
Escaping from ganondorf by ZaloHero

The Sunken Legend by Roonifer

Too young for a real battle by ZaloHero
Angry Young Link by BlueLink

Ganondorf Icon by CRETE

Ocarina of Time: Ganondorf by ruina

I failed by AngelofHapiness

Finding the Ocarina by Gimmeswords
The Ocarina of Time by john1315
Song of Time by Wings-of-Art

Temple of Time by Trooper1212
Temple Of Time by corfidbizna
Spiritual stones by AngelofHapiness
Open the door of time by Keaton-Corrine
Sketch of the Day 11-01-11 by 89ravenclaw
~The Master Sword!! by LeoDiamond
Link Speedpaint by CopsBuzzkill
Link pulling the Master sword by ZeldAlice
OOT anniversary by Skitamine

What's going on by AngelofHapiness

King of thieves Ganondorf by crazyfreak

The Chamber of Sages by terminarosa

Where am I by AngelofHapiness
Rauru by d-torres
Rauru's Wisdom by HoppyBadBunny

Ganondorf by super-fergus
Hyrule History - Kakariko Village by CaptainSpaz Goron VS Lizard-Man by FanWrks
Ganon's Castle by super-fergus
Ganondorf by Rollbiwan

Link In The Chamber of Sages by ImmortalAvenger1000

Sage of Light: Rauru by Know-Kname

Medallion by furafura

Waiting For This Moment by R2ninjaturtle
LoZ: Royal Blue by Kaira27 Time passes, people move by Guttergoo I Have Been Waiting For You by WishIWould
More Triforce by TheGeminiSage
This is Hyrule, Link by eERIechan
War Without Tears by kyuumu Poe Collector by KlausBoss Gurgle by OrangeDjuice
Zelda: Link, a Tired Hero by Dayu

Race beneath the Cemetery - Novelization Chapter by Adiraiju

Hero-of-time Revamp by iliasPatlis
''When I grow up there will be a day...'' by Txikimorin

Minuet of Forest by Knight-Dawn

OoT3D Countdown: 3 by wings33
Shadows of the Temple by seifer-sama
Zelda's Twisted Hallway by Leo Diamond by LeoDiamond The Hero of Time by Saehral Ocarina of Time: Poe Sisters by ruina Forest Temple - Main Hall by erenik

Link vs Phantom Ganon by Txikimorin

I Will Always Be...Your Friend by Sage-of-Winds

Forest Medallion by john1315

The Deku Sprout by ValaSedai

Hyrule at Night by SarahRStraub

. INGO . by Tee-J Malon - Peaceful Quiet by tomo-chi Waiting For Her Hero - Malon by Adella
TZP: Link and Malon by Adella
OoT: She's eating Link's hair by Naolin-Nox OoT Anni 4 - Race by Kishmet
Busy at Lon Lon Ranch by thelaserhawk

Oh you're my hero, Fairy boy by Karosu-Maker

Link and Epona by Attyca

Hyrule - TLoZ Ocarina Of Time by gabirotcho

Fire Temple by Pauris
Sketch of the Day 11-02-09 by 89ravenclaw

Hot by TheInnocentDevil
OoT Anni - Nov. 18th- SpdPaint by pettyartist Megaton Hammer by Midnameowfries Zelda: Unwanted Guidance by Nevina
Flare Dancer.... Yeah by Destruccion

Volvagia by SulaMoon

Darunia by spligity

Fire Medallion by DarkGardna

link and link by Mast3r-sword

The Smile of the Biggoron by JeiWo

LoZ - Under the Ice by karaii

South Fields Territory by CptnT

Zelda - Zora's River 3D by Lucsdf ZeldaOot: Link in ice cavern by Kathisofy

Zelda: Serenade of Water by Dayu

old: Link + Ruto? by Nevina Water Temple Link by paintpixel Link - Water Temple by Ladyfailache Zora Tunic by DC9spot
Link's Battle by TheWizpir
-Conquer yourself!- by R-SRaven
Water Temple by Sabtastic Conquer Yourself by thatLD
Dark Link vs Link by DarkEressa
Link in Water Temple by r3n-designer

Link vs. Morpha by Txikimorin

OoT - Morpha by Yamoshi
after the water temple.... by himeclam
Sage of Water by PixieEyes2006

OOT Water Medallion by BLUEamnesiac

Sunrise over Lake Hylia by brandiyorkart

Loach Wrangler by rah-bop

I'll Watch the Village by Niraven

YOU GOT SOME SHIIIITTTT by Sparkleee-Sprinkle

Kakariko Falls by equinelove

Peering into the Well by Mysteyla Get back, Link by ScissorMirror


OoT3D Countdown: 7 by wings33
Zelda - The Well by wynahiros


Hold On by KandT

We meet again by PIXLI0N Kakariko Village by Guttergoo Link OoT by ArcMagnus
Day 7 - Shiek by CelticMagician Nocturne of Shadow by talyafera

The Song of Storms by kuru731

song of storms by radiostarkiller

The Sword of Evil's Bane by OniChild
Child of Destiny by Mudora

Down the well by Pandorkful
IVi. Under The Well by thelegendoflauri
Dead Hand by Harangon
OoT: Smile... by Naolin-Nox
Lens of Truth by john1315

The Burden of Truth by Jo-Onis

Kaepora Gaebora by retrosloth

Temple of Time OOT by thaliesen

Dungeon Crawl by Tloessy
Hyrules bloody history of hate by Siga4BDN
OOT Shadow Temple by Rufinator :thumb217271593: LOZ Battle on a boat by oprichniki1 Link - Shadows by NickLeerie
Grasp of the Dead Hand by Sabtastic
Zelda64 - in the darkness by rah-bop

Link vs. Bongo Bongo by Txikimorin

Impa by JesseRaven

Shadow Medallion by Addwest93

OoT3D Countdown: 2 by wings33

Link and Epona watercolors by MichaelLangdale
Leap of Faith by Seeburglar

Empty fortress by Skitamine The Gerudo fortress V2.0 by Rwanlink

Gerudo Fighter by Gold-copper

Night in the Gerudo Fortress by LilleahWest

Gerudo Break Out by TearaSuzuki

:thumb157981218: Red sneak by kango67
ZFH 02 Contest Entry by Jandruff

In Gerudo Fortress by naoguiarts

Gerudo Warrior. by BluChaotic The gate of the desert by Annamm

Gerudo Training - LoZ OoT by yuna2025

Desert Colossus by KlausBoss
Gerudo desert by Olipanth
Requiem of Spirit - ACEO by Chibikeks

Hyrule Windows Field by Nikuneo

Just a matter of Time... by In-The-Distance

Spirit Temple by imacetra Spirit Temple by BlueCrystalDove
Nabooru 2 by crazyfreak
Bombchu Fire by maskofmemories Anubis: Guardian of the Spirit Temple by LiquidFrogStudios TloZ: You shall not pass by Feffelini
Iron knuckle battle ready by bozoloko
LoZ: Ocarina of Time: Captured by JustanotherLamb

Hoot Hoot by ZedEdge

Temple of Time by Lythiia

Pale Moon by Kirihara-Kiriya31

OOT Silver Gauntlet by BLUEamnesiac

Spirit temple by Qlockwork
Inveighing Stares of Ice by kyuumu Spirit Temple Goddess LINES by Requiem-Of-Time Who lit all these torches? by RobotmanX5Gamma Mirror Shield - Zelda by LiKovacs
Zelda: Seize the Dark by vtas
Iron Knucle Nabooru by Gabriela-Birchal
Gerudo Witchcraft by HoppyBadBunny
Twinrova - Ocarina of Time by Motteh

Link vs Twinrova by AudGreen

Sage of Spirit by AryaMaya

Legend of Zelda Sage Medallions - Spirit Medallion by ChinookCrafts

The Red Moon Festival by Blackdusk

Stay Cool by Art-Zealot

LoZ - Sheik by SweetCandyRain

Seven years of lost time by Malu-CLBS Link and Navi by EternaLegend
Epona and Link by Attyca

Fairy Light by raiyneofgailin

A New Journey Begins by In-The-Distance


Will the Hero rise again? by LiKovacs
Waiting for the Hero of Time by erenik
LoZ : Duet of the Heroes by Sorelliena
Sheik - TLoZ:OoT by Dareedse
remake: Zelda Transforms by Renuski Transformation by aerococonut

Hero of Time by Lillooler

Shrines of Wisdom by Akadafeathers

Princess Zelda Ocarina of time by ZaloHero

Princess Zelda by Meiyo-Chan

OOT Light Arrow by BLUEamnesiac

Link and Zelda by magicat787

I missed you by allieryan

Black and white tritri by Skitamine

Princess Zelda 2013 by crazyfreak

Trapped by ikkitousennomusha
Trapped by gehenna-angel

Ganondorf by VVernacatola

LoZ: Link and Navi by ShadowIZ

The Temple of Time: Exploration by JanjyGiggins

Dead end by Rayum

I am ready RECOLORED by Zeitfresser

The Hope of Hyrule by byPiPa

Catching Faeries by aDarlington

Uncertainty by Misfortuneee
Ganon's Fortress by Timsalcove 2011_04_30 ganon's tower by RogueAngelAlan
The New King by Ilionej
Ocarina of Time: Final Stand by Trooper1212

Musician of Time -- Link by KrisCynical

The Six Sages by Mystery-Zelda
Sages of Hyrule OoT by Dialirvi

Link - The Final Frontier by thevk

Link by Adrian-Drott

Destiny by mishellyArt

Ganondorf's Keep ::FAREWELL:: by tavington Where Does this Damn Key Go by Mudora

Link spinning stalfos by lakengubben

Calendar Contest 2012 - Finale by StardustFawkes

Music Man by jimbopunk Ho look at this by Skitamine Ganondorf by oNichaN-xD

You and I -colored- by Mudora

link vs ganon finished by leftee007

The Legend of Zelda by naachi
Battle Atop Ganon's Castle by Mephmmb Day 16 - Final Battle: OoT by CelticMagician
Ganondorf ZELDA Ocarina of Time 3ds by zeldanatico Courage vs Power by HoppyBadBunny
Gannondorf vs Link - colored by chaoticbeing Final Battle by madelezabeth

Last Fairy by mayday-daywalker

Finally Fighting by JamieKinosian
Hero of Time vs the Great King of Evil by Twinkie5000

Link Vs Ganon...again :P by savorygerbils

When he failed by LikeFireNeedsAir

Ill see you in thousand years by deliverus

Ganondorf by Daelyth

Hero of Blood by Nekojiri

OoT Anni 22 - Battle by Kishmet

Link and Zelda - for aquanut by Mudora

Bringing Down the Castle by Summers11

The Great King Ganondorf by AmazingTrout

Is He Dead View 1 by Zelda-rocks13

Vow by ViridianRain


Com- Escaping Ganon's Tower by eERIechan

Ganondorf's Last Breath by gracifer

3:00 by kacfrog711

. mesmerized . by SasamiInu

LoZ Animation- Scene 1 by Shadottie

LoZ Style Board 1 by Shadottie

Zeldanime - Ganondorf by OniChild

Facing the unknown by eERIechan

The Final Battle by TheGeminiSage

Hey, Listen! by skardash

Ganon - Zelda: Ocarina of Time by GoKammy

Ganon by Txikimorin

Final Battle by thatSanj

Ganon by Aerorious The Moment of Truth by BusterGarou
final battle by Mast3r-sword Ganon OOT 2.0 by CelebrenIthil
The final battle by Qlockwork Nintendo Of Canada Commish by JetZero

Battle for the Triforce III by mattleese87

LoZ OoT - the final battle by Yamoshi

Link - Golden Power by ArtsyPabster

Link VS  Ganon final by gts

Link - COMMISSION by Yaguete

El Ganon by allens

Hero of Hyrule by paledebaser Zelda: Ganon's Castle by SquirtSapphire

Wisdom and Courage by Ryu-Gi

Legend of Zelda - Triforce by AquaWaters

Just the beginning by eERIechan

Zelda by lakengubben

:: S A G E S :: by UNIesque

Medallions of the Sages by magicwaffles123

Sealed away Once More by MetalShadowOverlord

Chamber of Sages by ImmortalAvenger1000

CURSE YOU... LINK! by Data-Drainz

Curse You Sages... by ljinx

The Triforce Legend by rafaelrdsg

Wisdom and Courage by Rain-Of-Ashes

Cloud Scene by Kamolu-Mouser

"Give me the Ocarina..." by mayday-daywalker

Regaining Childhood by Jelly-St1ck

The Farewell by Malu-CLBS

When Peace Returns to Hyrule... by animemyster

Like a Ray of Light by talyafera

A New Beginning by ViridianRain

Goddess's Light by Nicolargh

Triforce by Sharzn

Hyrule Field by RobAndersonJr

Six Sages by Mysteyla

A New Beginning - OoT by yuna2025

Celebration of Peace by Shadottie

OoT3D Countdown: 1 by wings33

GO TO THE LIGHT by BeautyFromPain8

Master Sword by Willand27

Fate by Knight-Dawn

a dance with the master by Know-Kname

--Where did you go-- by haydenmaye

A better goodbye - Final by tsuku-sama

Master Sword by Onilink1993

Castle Courtyard Perspective by Waterkimchi

link and zelda by bretty256

Golden Triforce by john1315


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this music fits in perfectly
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It is my sincere pleasure, friend.  :aww:
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This collection is really amazing, thanks! I found a lot of works i really liked! ^^
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