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Submitted on
June 27, 2012


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FINAL UPDATE 10/3/2012 - This will be my LAST update on this update-ridden journal.  (Hooray!)  :)  I'm here to say that THE RESULTS ARE IN!  :dance:  See the winners right here!!

This is Connie signing out!  :salute:  - END FINAL UPDATE

UPDATE 10/2/2012 - Heigh ho, friends!  Contraltissimo back from the dead here.  Oy my gosh school.  :faint:

*ahem*  I'm here to let you all know that I HAVE COMPLETED JUDGING the entries, but that I will not be posting the results tonight, because it's über-late, and morning comes early, and I would rather put together something a bit more formal than I have time for right now.  Expect results tomorrow.

To preemptively make up for the pins and needles this waiting may elicit, I have prepared a simple chew toy for y'all to gnaw on in the meanwhile.  Enjoy.

UPDATE 9/22/2012 - TIME.  Summer has now slipped away past midnight at the International Date Line, and this contest is CLOSED.

UPDATE 9/21/2012 - SIX HOURS, MY PEEPS.  :aww:


UPDATE 9/15/2012 - ONE WEEK LEFT to turn in your contest entries, everyone!  This is your ONE WEEK REMINDER.  ONE WEEK LEFT.  :D

UPDATE 9/7/2012 - TWO WEEKS LEFT to enter the contest everyone!  This is your TWO WEEK warning!  TWO WEEKS yessiree bob!  :D

UPDATE 8/31/2012 - Hello everyone!  Contraltissimo here to say this is your THREE-WEEK REMINDER to turn in your beautiful representations of Just Me and my Dragon if you haven't already.  :)  That's right there are only THREE WEEKS LEFT of summer and thus only THREE WEEKS LEFT of this contest.

And also.... dear me.... to the Anonymous Deviant who was so graciously kind enough to gift me with one year's premium membership.... Most heartfelt thanks to you!!  I am stunned and amazed and speechless.  I don't know what else to do now except attempt to express my gratitude with a plethora of plz accounts that do their best to come close to approaching my level of glee.
Many many thanks to you, friend!!!  :tighthug: - END UPDATE

UPDATE 8/3/2012 - Okay, I'm getting super support from multiple deviants now for prizes for runners-up-----thank you ALL for that!  :)  So this journal is getting a major overhaul down in the prize section.... Details below! - END UPDATE

UPDATE 7/17/2012 - MichikamiDragon has offered to donate prizes for Second and Third Place winners!  See details below....  Thanks MichikamiDragon!!!  :la: - END UPDATE

Okay!  It's a little after June 21, but there's still plenty of summer left for a contest....

Hello hello!  Gather 'round, folks, come one, come all---actually I'd rather you come all.  The more the merrier.


Welcome to Contraltissimo's Summer Dragon Contest!  :la:

We can go over the rules later---first let's talk about the prize!  :eager:

Now, due to circumstances only slightly beyond my control, I find myself with a spare MCFARLANE'S DRAGON SERIES 7 ULTIMATE DELUXE BOXED SET HYDRA that is in need of a good home.  He is a grand and imposing addition to any shelf that will send the rest of your figurines sprinting for cover as they tremble before him.  Whether you set him to guard your anime soundtrack collection at home or to keep your pesky coworkers off your lucky red Swingline at work, his fearsome presence will never fail to fill your daily awesome-quota.

Here are pictures of the actual one you will be winning.

You might be able to find this guy around eBay or Amazon for nigh on a hundred bucks.  But I intend to give him away FOR FREE.  However, while I am giving him away for free, I can't give him away for nothing....

And this is where you come in.


The theme of Contraltissimo's Summer Dragon Contest IS...

:star:  "Just Me and my Dragon"  :star:

That right there is your prompt, friends.  :)  Just Me and my Dragon.  With this prompt in mind, all you have to do is create a deviation in any medium and show it to me for your chance to take home the Hydra!  :la:


    :bulletgreen:  Any member of DeviantArt may participate! :bulletgreen:  You do NOT have to live in the US.  But it helps if you at least live on planet Earth. :bulletgreen:  If you are donating prizes, you may still participate in the contest!

Your Contest Entry
    :bulletgreen:  You may submit ONE deviation to this contest. :bulletgreen:  Your entry must be your own creation.  Stock images are still allowed; just make sure you follow the rules of whomever you got the stock from! :bulletgreen:  Your may submit old work; your deviation does NOT have to be something new. :bulletgreen:  Your deviation may be ANY medium you choose!  Traditional, digital, literature, audio, sculpture, knitting, culinary--you name it! :bulletgreen:  There is NO limit on word-count for literature deviations.  However, your entry must be limited to ONE deviation; no multi-chapter works. :bulletgreen:  Fanart/fiction IS allowed. :bulletgreen:  To keep this contest safe for all ages, nudity, sexual themes and explicit language are NOT allowed. :bulletgreen:  I leave the definition of "dragon" up to you.  Have the number of limbs or digits or structure of wings or lack thereof as you like it.  Dragon, wyvern, salamander, whatever. :bulletgreen:  In fact, your entry may include or not include any number of dragons or non-dragons or sorta-dragons or popsicles.  Whatever you feel best conveys the prompt.  :)

Entry Submission
    :bulletgreen:  To enter the contest, simply COMMENT ON THIS JOURNAL with a link to your deviation. :bulletgreen:  Entry comments must be posted BEFORE 12:00 AM SEPTEMBER 22, the first day of autumn.  That is the MIDNIGHT BETWEEN FRIDAY THE 21st AND SATURDAY THE 22nd OF SEPTEMBER. :bulletgreen:  I WILL hold out as far as the International Date Line for all you last-minute desperados.  :) :bulletgreen:  Mind-changing IS allowed.  If you wish to rescind your entry and submit a different piece, please NOTE ME with links to BOTH deviations, and clearly state which deviation you would like to enter in the contest BEFORE THE CONTEST DEADLINE.

    :bulletgreen:  Contraltissimo will be judging the contest entries. :bulletgreen:  Judging of entries will be based on the following criteria:
      :bulletyellow:  30% Technical Skill - Do you color inside the lines?  Are you free of grammatical errors?  Are you recording on a quality microphone?  Is your composition balanced?  Are you using fabric and/or an infinity wall in your photoshoot?  Clean it up, friends! :bulletyellow:  30% Originality and Creativity - Are you putting a fresh spin on your ideas?  Are you avoiding clichés?  Is there anything in your piece for me to really wonder about?  Tickle my whimsy!  Blow my mind! :bulletyellow:  40% Prompt Application - Does your deviation focus on all the spirit and feeling of the prompt, Just Me and my Dragon?
    :bulletgreen:  Judging will begin on the first day of autumn (September 22); its duration will depend on how many entries are received.

The Prize List
    :bulletgreen:  Unfortunately there can only be ONE winner in this contest.  I do not have prizes for any runners-up.  (Though if any prize-donors would like to change that, I'm open to that too; note me if interested.) FIRST PLACE
      :star:  McFarlane's Dragon Series 7 Ultimate Deluxe Boxed Set Hydra :star:  Feature of your entry and small feature of your work by Jessica-Lorraine-Z.
      :star:  One abstract/detailed digital drawing of anything with a background (a la ) from MichikamiDragon. :star:  Feature of your entry by eveningstars242. :star:  Feature of your entry and small feature of your work by Jessica-Lorraine-Z.
      :star:  One wood carving with wood burning and acrylic as well of anything they want (a la ) from MichikamiDragon. :star:  Feature of your entry by eveningstars242. :star:  Feature of your entry and small feature of your work by Jessica-Lorraine-Z.

Claiming the Prize
    :bulletgreen:  When the winners are decided, I will announce it in a new journal, and will contact said winners by note.  I will also link to the new journal with an update in this journal, and will contact prize donors regarding prize-distribution. :bulletgreen:  The First Place winner must note me back within 2 WEEKS with an address where he or she will be able to receive the Hydra.  I'll take care of shipping, but the address you give me must be located somewhere on planet Earth.  ;) :bulletgreen:  If the First Place winner does not respond within the 2-week time period, the Hydra will be given to the next runner-up! :bulletgreen:  (Contraltissimo does not sell personal information to third parties.  Contraltissimo is just some college girl workin' on her bachelor's degree.) :bulletgreen:  Any winners receiving art prizes must correspond with the appropriate prize donor(s) to finalize their prizes.

    :bulletgreen:  I am much more likely to notice your entry if you comment DIRECTLY ONTO THIS JOURNAL instead of in a reply to another comment. :bulletgreen:  If you are photographing a 3-dimensional piece, be sure to show me as many angles as possible so I can see all your beautiful work! :bulletgreen:  Submitters of literature beware: I am the Hitler of all Grammar Nazism.  Proofread your work carefully.  ;)  Although if you want to make like Samuel Clemens with your dialogue and write it out how people actually speak, (i.e. not always grammatically correct).... I am a-okay with that. :bulletgreen:  Although fanart is allowed, for this contest I am more interested in the portrayal of the prompt Just Me and my Dragon than I am in any of my favorite fandoms.  (I.E. just because I'm a Zelda-tard doesn't necessarily mean you'll win me over with baby Volvagia pics.)  Similarly, don't be afraid to show me fanart of fandoms I may not be familiar with!  It's the feeling of the picture I'll be looking at.  :) :bulletgreen:  Anyone further wishing to suck up to the judge will likely find the most clues to what I enjoy by perusing my favorites.  Go give some great artists some lovin' while you're at it.  :love:

Them's the rules, my peeps!  :)  Now go out and get to creating all your beautiful, wonderful representations of Just Me and my Dragon.  I cannot wait to see your creations!  Let's find that Hydra a home!  :boogie:

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GabrielAuger Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
:la: I can't wait for !!! :la: :la:
LyricalMedley Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Entering this contest has been one of the highlights of my summer this year! Thank you Connie, for allowing us all to join you in this fun filled contest!

You dah bomb! *raises roof*
Contraltissimo Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012
It was my overload-panicky-explosion of a pleasure, friend! :crazy:

You are most welcome! :laughing:
LyricalMedley Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconlawooplz: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *fistpump*
snoek06 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ohmygawsshhh I want to know so bad hahah <3
masterlevan1 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Student Writer
There were some late entries like the day of that I don't see in the entry folder. You might wanna take those in and rejudge just to be thorough :)
Contraltissimo Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012
Lately I'm working more off my spreadsheet data than DeviantArt for this contest.... but don't worry; I got aaaall the ones that made it in before the International Date Line midnight deadline. :)
masterlevan1 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Student Writer
Okay I'm just letting you know cause my friend said he linked his to you in time for the Date line but then you were gone for like a week and he was worried D: so I hope he got in cause I didn't see his piece in the entry folder.
ERA-7 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hey man, don't forget to add my entry in your folder. The link was posted 21 of September in comments and work was published 20 of September.
jim-alex Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
winning ?? ^^
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